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Megan O'Linn has been practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the last five years and has used her movement expertise in combination with her ten years of water polo play to create a cross conditioning program specifically tailored to the water polo athelete.

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Water polo is a unique sport that shapes mental and physical character from the moment you start playing.

The tireless practice schedule, intense competition and world experience of our sport makes for an undeniably strong athlete. My ten years as a polo player, four as a Division 1 athlete for the University of Hawaii, showed me how much our sport has grown but more so how under served our sport is.

Water polo is unlike any other sport, it is completely dynamic, high intensity physical contact all done in the water without any support from the ground. With that being said, we need to train, rehab and recover differently then other sports. Traditional strength and condition does not functionally translate to the water. We need to train position specific and with functional movements with a goal of injury prevention while improving strength, power and agility in the water.

BRK OUT water polo and fitness covers all of these domains and is driven by the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). DNS is based on developmental kinesiology, each developmental stage translates seamlessly to many common positions taken when matching up with a player, setting up to take a shot or change of direction movement. The program I have developed utilizes developmental kinesiology to target core, rotator cuff and hip stabilizer strengthening with equipment that allows for multiplanar movement, this includes Indian Clubs, Club Bells, Kettle Bells and uneven surfaces, that will improve coordination, mental sequencing and explosiveness in the water.

My Five years of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and ten years of water polo competition make for an expertise in identifying dysfunctional movement patterns and postures specific to the water polo athlete that will minimize injury and improve performance.

It is time to BRK OUT from traditional cross conditioning and let me guide you to the future training of our sport.

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